Our Story

How it would have been, if one day mother nature comes to you and powers you with her touch of love and care, you will incredibly heal with that touch. Amorecare believes to transform our coming generation lifestyle with that natural touch. We tries that our generation should embrace their all hygiene moments and not to compromise for them. Our products are naturally powered which can be used seamlessly providing you care and protection equally without any side-effects.

Plantier Power To Be Healthier

We are on a mission to bestow you with all botanical power to make your clean habit a healthy habit.

Benefits of Product

To inculcate right hygiene habits, the product is well crafted to power you both scientifically and naturally. Shielding you with its Anti-viral, Anti-fungal and Anti-bacterial scientific properties, some of its natural powers are listed below.
Essential Oils
People use essential oil for health and wellness, but it can be used for sanitization and hygiene too. Our product has naturally extracted components from the plant which helps in sanitizing and surround you with pleasant odour.
Non Toxic
Presence of essential oil components makes it totally non-toxic leaving no harmful effect and residue after use which promote healthy sanitization.
Kids Friendly
Absence of harsh chemicals and presence of thymol makes it complete safe for our little buds sensitive skin.
No Harsh Chemicals
By eliminating the use of bleach, ammonia , phosphate etc. , their adverse effects such as eye irritation, respiratory issues, and burning skin are completely taken care off.
Zero Alcohol
Ethanol and isopropyl alcohol are frequently used in home hygiene products, which are flammable and poisonous if ingested. Our formula is entirely aqueous which kills 99.9% germs without harming your skin and health.
Skin Safe
Cleaning products uses Parabens, Quaternary ammonium to prevent the growth of bacteria. Parabens cause skin irritation. Our cleaning solution is completely paraben free.
Non Flammable
Alcohol has highly flammable properties. Owing to its zero percent presence ,the risk is eliminated completely.
Food Contact Surface
Covid-19 has made us learn sanitization follows cleaning. Our product helps in both yielding a 99.9% reduction of germs of public health importance.

Botanical Floor Disinfectant

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